residential slabworks

Looking for that perfect start to the construction of your new home?
Or are you a builder looking for a residential slab works company able to deal with volume and quality?

As a builder you will notice the Concretus difference, as we will not only be there on the dedicated day but will also co-ordinate the pre-lay process and related trades for you.
Concretus will work with and liaise with all concerned contractors – so you don’t have to…

Concretus' 13 year long experience means that we can take care of all your concreting needs, offering complete packages regardless of whether you are an existing volume builder, owner builder or renovation company.

The “peace of mind” Concretus experience includes block survey, extent of earth works, termite protection and full co-ordination of electrical and plumbing trades culminating in slab down for you.

To find out more, watch the video below.

frequently asked questions

All concrete ground slabs are reinforced with fabric mesh

No,  generally the cracking is of a non-structural manner and often referred to as shrinkage cracking

All reinforcement is supported on slab on ground chairs

All concrete ground slabs are poured over a fully taped polythene membrane to prevent any moisture egress

Concretus will coordinate the nominated builders termite treatment company

Concretus will coordinate the builders nominated plumber

Yes, Concretus will organise depending on the builders request during the warmer months of the year

Yes, Concretus will book in the required concrete tests depending on the builders request

Either the builder or Concretus will coordinate and program the works

To enable the tiler to grade his falls to the plumbing waste pipes

residential slabworks

Concretus will help to lay the foundations for you to live your ultimate lifestyle in the property of your dreams.

Structural resilience and placed to last, Concretus is proud of its extensive service offering in the field of residential slab works.